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Medical Review

With over 30 years experience, we provide top-notch independent medical review services that are timely, cost-effective, and free from conflict of interest. Using the right clinical specialists, our URAC accredited Independent Review Organization (IRO) uses a core group of more than 150 actively practicing board-certified physicians and more than 20 credentialed or licensed allied health care providers. We’re focused on making the right decision, the first time — every time.

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Foundation Support

We partner with foundations to help them efficiently and objectively administer grants. You can rely on us to guide and facilitate RFP development, evaluation of returned proposals, and grantee selection. Post selection, our focus shifts to provision of technical assistance to the grantee, monitoring and reporting. When the process is both pure and efficient, and mission goals are met, foundations can focus on getting the word out about their mission and the positive impact it provided.

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